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Bonus 01 - 2014-09-15

Using a virtualization system like VirtualBox, VMWare, KVM, Parallels, QEMU or so forth, install a Linux distribution such as Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, SUSE or some other of your choosing on it. Document your installation process with careful notes and screen shots. Obtain bridged or NAT connectivity so you can access the network from the newly installed VM. Show the output of the /sbin/ifconfig command. Fetch this web page using wget, curl, lynx or a GUI-based web browser using this newly installed VM system. Show the output of "netstat -tuna". Note: If you've done this sort of exercise before, select a distribution you have never used or try installing and playing around with mininet.

Bonus 02 - 2014-09-29

A DNS query message over UDP has been seen on the wire. Using the header layouts shown in lecture slides and found online, fill out the binary values of all fields in a IP and transport layer header that would include the following properties and values:

For any field value not specified above, you should determine sensible values on your own for all other fields that may be in those headers. Be sure to justify or explain the values you choose. They ought to make sense for a DNS query message. You do not need to fill in any payload data, but you should assume there is a sensible payload carried by the transport layer.

Bonus 03 - 2014-10-20

There is a public key on this server that has a signature starting with the hex values 51:f9:26. What is the complete signature? There are at least two other public keys associated with this server. What are their hash signatures?

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